First Modelling, public company unlimited, Kordíky 128, 976 34 Tajov, Slovakia

Company introduction :

Public company FIRST MODELLING has been established in 1997 by two general partners Dr. Miroslav Drahoš and prof. Karel Kovářík, PhD. The general partners guarantee for all responsibilities of the public company by their whole personal property. FIRST MODELLING company has carried out numerical modelling of ground water flow, numerical modelling of pollutant transport in both saturated and unsaturated zone. FIRST MODELLING company has used computer programs developed by Prof. Kovářík. The possibility of adapting these computer programs to each specific problem has proven itself as a great advantage over the years. The general partners have practiced numerical modelling in close cooperation since 1975.

Areas of numerical modeling applications and examples of its use:

Civil engineering, building industry, hydraulic engineering

determination of ground water inflow into excavation, suffosion estimation
computer aided design for optimal drainage of foundation cutting
determination of subterranean concrete barrier impact on ground water level
computing of percolation through concrete structure
determination of causality on boggy building site
design of drainage on building site
ground water capture estimation on building site
computing of soil permeability of foundation subsoil
determination of infiltration capacity of foundation soil
evaluation of impact of underground casing wall on ground water flow and on ground water level
evaluation of impact of drainage wall and drainage bed
evaluation of impact of leakage pipeline
evaluation of impact of possible pollution on building site
determination of ground water level depth on building site according to climate and hydrogeological conditions
efficient design of hydrogeological monitoring of building site and construction

Soil, water, and air remediation

Proposals for ground water remediation by means of:
- ground water pumping (pump and treat method)
- water infiltration
- combination of ground water pumping and water infiltration
- construction of underground sealing wall
- combination of underground sealing wall, ground water pumping and water infiltration
- construction of remediation drainage system
- combination of drain, underground sealing wall, ground water pumping and water infiltration
Proposals for unsaturated zone remediation by means of:
- contaminated soil air pumping (venting)
- compressive infiltration of fresh air into unsaturated zone (compressing)
- combination of venting and compressing
risk assessment of contaminated ground water flow
risk assessment of contaminated soil air flow

Documentation for State Administration

documentation elaborated by numerical modelling for emergency schedules and/or for the operating instructions
specification of pollution source
documentation elaborated by numerical modelling for environment impact assessment (EIA)
documentation elaborated by numerical modelling for state administration’s decision making
documentation elaborated by numerical modelling for the judicial experts

Water-supply and water management

design of optimal ground water capture
computing of dynamic natural water resources
computing of exploitable water resources
computing of transport time of ground water flow
determination of hygienically protected areas
optimisation of ground water monitoring
computer aided design and interpretation of tracing tests
computing of hydraulic and dispersion parameters
computing of ground water recharge
computer aided design of artificial infiltration
simulation of water resource failure
computer aided design of water resource protection
determination of water resource failure cause by means of numerical modelling
proposals of remediation of water resources
simulations of ecological accidents in rivers
estimation of raised ground water level effects
estimation of river bed excavation effect
determination of drainage and infiltration sections of river banks and quantification of inflow/outflow
computing of ground water level position in accordance with hydrologic and climatic conditions
simulation of ground water level regime

Geological works

computer aided design of optimal placement of survey objects
computer aided design and simulation of pumping tests, recovery tests and tracing tests
evaluation of hydrodynamic tests and tracing tests by means of numerical modelling
determination of boundary conditions
computing and construction of isolines
computing and construction of isochrons
computing and graphical presentation of concentration field and hydrochemical field
computing of geothermal water resources
simulation of geothermal water exploitation and reinjection
computing of geothermal field during geothermal water exploitation and reinjection
numerical modelling of pollutant transport
numerical modelling of radioactivity transport
virtual hydrogeology

Waste management

simulation of contaminant leakage from a waste dump
determination of the waste dump influence on quality of ground water
proposals of protection of ground water against the waste dump contaminants
computer aided design of the waste dump monitoring system
model simulation of the leakage trough the sealing stratum of the waste dump
computer aided design of the waste dump drainage by means of the subhorizontal boreholes


computer aided design of the optimal pollutant investigation
model estimation of the industry contaminant leakage and prognosis of the ground water quality
model simulation of the ground water remediation within the industry area
model estimation of the deleterious effect of the sludge dump on the ground water quality
computer aided reconstruction of the old ecological accidents
model design of the ground water exploitation for the industry use
computer aided design of the optimal ground water monitoring within the industry area

Results of the numerical modeling are described in a final report. The final report includes the methodology used, tables of input data, tables of output data, figures and gives recommendations to the further operating procedures. Our terms of delivery are 10 to 30 days. All round price is from 600 EUR to 4000 EUR.